Book Arts

Course Description

Special Topics in Printmaking offers printmaking majors and other interested students the opportunity to take classes in specialized printmaking media. Students will continue to develop their knowledge of printmaking processes while enriching the breadth of their technical and conceptual skills with these time and topic specific experiences.

Books are repositories of knowledge, containers of information, documentaries of journeys, worlds of dreams and adventures, journals of personal experience. They are instilled with value and approached with reverence. Books are also made by everyday people who have something to say. How a book is made, what it looks like, how it is read, the circumstance through which it is acquired or read can all carry as much meaning and content as the information that the book may contain. Through the process of making artists books, students will deconstruct the book’s mythology while creating objects that are part of that same tradition. Through this experience, students will learn to embrace the experimental use of form, materials, and process of thought that are essential for artists, while investigating a centuries-old medium that endures in our post-post-modern world.

Contained Books

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Recycled & Repurposed Books

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