Empyrean Promise

2007, copperplate photogravure & archival inkjet, 8.5 x 12.75 inches.
Artist’s Statement

While we know what the sky is from a scientific perspective,  the limits of the ideas it evokes are innumerable. The sky, to me, is the quintessential paradigm of change, possibility, and the future. It is the fluid canvas upon which nature illustrates its ever-evolving thoughts. It is the limitless space of a dreamer’s odyssey. It is the vast domain of the weather that determines our tomorrow. It is where we have placed heaven. 


Like the sky, language can as easily be specific as it can be open and suggestive. Within the grammar of our communication there are words that are definite and there are those that convey the intangible characteristics of possibility, hope, and reveries upon what may come to be.


The Empyrean Promise is a series of prints in which photogravures of the sky observed from the dreamlike vantage point of flight are paired with inkjet printed words whose meanings are equally as ethereal. These images paired with words and words paired with images do not serve to define, but instead to prompt the viewer to contemplate and muse upon the possibility of what is or what may be to come.