2017, Archival Inkjet & Chine Collé,
28 x 22 inches.

Disruptive forces can be found everywhere whether the scope of one’s search is global, societal, or personal. They are as present in the natural world as they are within the human-constructed environments, over which we believe we have control. When a disruptive force occurs within a closed system, the effects ripple outwards with ramifications of both positive and negative potential that range from subtle to catastrophic.


Disturbance is an installation that is a companiot to Disruption is a series of prints. Both were exhibited as a part of In Absence of Reason at West Virginia University’s Laura Masuros Gallery in September 2017. In both works a smoky, amorphous form expands within a house-like structure that purports to be sound, constructed with the stud walls that support our dwellings. Upon closer inspection, this home reveals itself to be illogical and unsustainable. The entirety of this situation is presented as a specimen for study upon the organized surface of a grid. Its consequences, however, cannot be contained; shadows of indeterminate origin break the forth wall, reaching into and effecting the viewer’s space.