Modulo Minimo

2007 - 2008

I see my works as records of memories of that have been detached from the place and time where they existed and are preserved in a visual format. My works evolve from the things that I have encountered that have not completely unhappened and have become things that rehappen on paper, panel, canvas, and in the observations of my viewer. My works tell stories whose truths lie not in what happened or how these things were experienced, but in what these experiences have become through the process of living with their effects and the transformative properties of thought and memory.


Modulo Minimo is an ongoing series of prints. In patternmaking the modulo minimo is the basest repeated element to which a pattern can be reduced. Through the combination of two different spaces, one of constructed, representational space and one of flat pattern, the images in this series metaphorically investigate patterns that I have observed in contemporary life. Representational imagery tells the stories of the things that I have observed. Flat screenprinted patterns stop the illusion of this imagery offering editorial statements and identifying these situations as cyclical or repeated. Variation in scale, format, and media in this series, offers the possibility of all of these elements as active vocabulary in the communication of my observations. This series will evolve over a number of years.