Warmer: An Evolving Installation University of Akron, Honors College Gallery October 4 – 30, 2019 My work has involved the environment and climate change for several years, but I began to feel that in order to really address this pressing issue, I needed to see and experience climate change first hand. Thanks to a University […]


Specter Akron Art Museum, August 1, 2015 – January 3, 2016 Our current climate change is the result of accumulation—accumulation of carbon and greenhouse gasses, of actions, of inactions, of passive disregard and concerted neglect. Within the narrative space of the gallery, I invoke notions of repetition, evolution and accumulation to address our cultural penchant […]

Behold . . . Through the Concealed

Behold . . . Through the Concealed The Curated Storefront, Akron, Ohio, October, 2016 – October, 2017. United Building, Market & Main Streets. Behold . . . Through the Concealed The Curated Storefront, Akron, Ohio United Building, Market & Main Streets October, 2016 – October, 2017, screenprint and woodcut on Tyvek, monoprint on washi, & […]