Behold, . . . through the concealed!

West Virginia University, Laura Mesaros Gallery, Morgantown, West Virginia. September, 2017

About This Project

Curated Storefront, United Building, 1 South Main Street, Akron, Ohio, Fall 2016

Indications of our human mortality surround us. In moments of danger we respond with actions of self-preservation—heeding, learning, and adapting. How glaring will the signs of our environment’s precarious place become before we respond similarly? At what point will we truly pay attention and take real action?

Responding to the theatrical character of the storefront, these windows are dressed for a morality tale. An ornate apparition formed of the structures of our carbon-based industry hovers aloft, shining. Will we be enchanted by its brilliance or recall the lessons we have learned, find a better way of living, and change our relationship with the earth for the better?