Comfort Food

Comfort Food 2003 My artwork is based on the continuous process of consumption that is fundamental to my existence. Three times a day I feed my body. My entire life is spent feeding my consciousness. With consumption and digestion of food as metaphor for the ingestion and rumination of sensory experiences, my images explore the […]


Warmer: An Evolving Installation University of Akron, Honors College Gallery October 4 – 30, 2019 My work has involved the environment and climate change for several years, but I began to feel that in order to really address this pressing issue, I needed to see and experience climate change first hand. Thanks to a University […]

Fruit Studies

Fruit Studies 2004 related Work Harry’s Island A Month of Fog

Borrowed Heaven

Borrowed Heaven 2004 Borrowed Heaven documents the landscape around Lower Piney Creek in Banner, Wyoming, a landscape of great differences—lush creek beds and parched, baron prairie; brilliant sunshine and sudden, dramatic storms; the light, ever-changing sky and the weighty, enduring land; the luminous days and the consuming, dark nights. These images are observations of moments […]

At the Hem

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Full Full is a series of 20 digitally altered photogravures. Through the use of contemporary technology (digital imaging) and historic printmaking process (photogravure), these prints investigate how we construct and define our identities within the consumer culture that we live. What do we consume—products, food, experience—and how do we know that we are or are […]